Using Rupert's to put an end to your pet's bad breath:
Rupert's Simply Smoochable is a daily use mouth spray to help control bad breath in dogs and cats. To use, simply lift the upper lip of your pet and spray directly on the tooth and gums, 4-6 sprays per side, your pet will take care of the rest.

Our product contains no xylitol or dyes of any kind.

One feature that is unique to this product is the addition of clove oil. Clove oil has long been used as a topical pain reliever especially for tooth pain. While providing a pleasant scent you will also see the benefits of providing your pet relief from discomfort associated with tooth and gum pain.
If it seems that your dog does not like to have Rupert's sprayed in to their mouth, here are a couple of ideas that we have found work very well:

- If you brush your dog's teeth you can spray Rupert's directly on the toothbrush
- We have also found that our dog will lick Rupert's right out of our hand!
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